Site Leader Resources

This page is intended to give you the important points that are needed to make this class a success without getting lost in the minutia. Please read this entire page and download all documents well before your course. Remember that your greatest tool will be your ability to delegate responsibilities to the members of your team.

1 Month before the first class

  1. Get in touch with site coordinators and plan recruiting
  2. Visit the site. This Site Visit Guide explains the necessary preparation
    1. Post fliers (template) telling participants to sign up at the front desk
    2. Bring a sign-up sheet to the front desk

2-5 days before the first class

  1. Schedule an evening meeting with you group. Figure out rides and call every participant that you have collected to make sure that they are planning to attend. Emphasize free dinners and a gift for completing all 5 sessions.

  2. Print out Participant Surveys to be given at the beginning of the first class (more on this below).

    Before each class

  1. Assign a group member to do shopping for the class (preferably chosen at the end of the previous class)

  2. Cooking Utenisils: Make sure cooking utensils arrive at least 15 minutes before the class. A shared list of all items owned by the Nutrition Program (and stored in the FLTC 4th floor closet) is found here: CulMed Inventory. Please report all broken items to a program coordinator so that replacement of the broken items can be arranged.

  3. At the site, 5-10 minutes before the class, run through the lesson plan so that WUSM volunteers are on the same page.

    Reimbursement for groceries

The WashU Tax Exempt Form is necessary for all purchases; you can print the one below or pick up a copy from Room 100. For reimbursement, pick up a form from Room 100, attach your original receipt, and put it in a second-year coordinator's FLTC mailbox. This should be completed as soon as possible after your purchase; you should get your reimbursement in ~2 weeks. You need only put the first three digits of your social security number on the reimbursement form.

    Data collection (Important! We rely on data to get $$)

  1. Administer pre-course Participant Survey* [Diamond, 2007] from every participant

  2. Administer the post-course survey (same as pre-course survey above) to every participant who has completed a pre-course survey and attended at least 4 courses.

  3. Enter results into this spreadsheet: Survey Data. Once data is entered, rename the file with your class name (e.g. "BGC Adams Park") and upload it to the "Data 2011-2012" section of the google site. https://sites.google.com/site/wusmnutrition

  4. Make sure WUSM volunteers complete the WUSM volunteer survey.

*James J Diamond "Development of a reliable and construct valid measure of nutritional literacy in adults." Nutrition Journal 2007;6:5.