About Schnucks Screenings

The Schnucks Screening program is screening branch of the Health Outreach Programs (HOPs), jointly run by WUSM's PHIG and SNMA. The program employs a streamlined, patient-centered screening process that identifies hypertension, diabetes, and other health issues using culturally sensitive screening protocols. Follow up occurs after these screening sessions through patient education on pertinent health topics and assistance with healthcare system navigation.

The screening program especially attempts to identify people who lack a primary care physician (PCP). With our patients' concerns in mind, we try to provide them with the information they need to be able to access a PCP. Medical students acting as SharePoint coordinator(s) maintain an updated database of PCPs and health services throughout the area for this purpose while students who are SitePoint coordinators organize monthly screening sessions with local Schnucks grocery stores. Through this effort we hope to increase awareness and improve the overall health of the St. Louis community.